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Exploring Social Action

Why can't a white kid sit with the black kids in the cafeteria?
What happens when a biracial girl from Trinidad falls for a guy from a very different culture?
How does a teen deal with being the only Palestinian boy or the only Japanese girl in a small American town?

Grade Level 8 -12
Art • English/Language Arts

Face Relations is a collection of stories that looks at race in teen reality --- how it plays at school, in the cafeteria, on teams, and at home. Mixed race people are the fastest growing population in this country, further blending heritage in our melting pot. Teens who are exploring their identities and finding their roles know that learning about different cultures is essential. The stories cover many different ethnicities, including African, Indian, Mexican and Asian-Americans, and often combinations of them. "Skins" by Joseph Bruchac shows how three teens of color at a predominately white high school hide or flaunt their perceived ethnicities. One dyes his hair black to look more Native-American, one remains ambiguous about his ancestry, and one becomes defiant. When their paths converge in this short but powerful story, surprising revelations change perspectives for characters and likely for readers as well.

Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance

Small Steps: The Origins of Prejudice With Your Students

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Exploring Social Action


















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